Beat the Heat… Summer Wedding in Texas

It will be HOT soon! And people keep getting married in the summer in Texas, Texans don’t stop for the heat. We are here to give you tip while you are planning to stay COOL!

The folks over at Off Beat Bride have some good ideas.
1. Shade
2. Hydration Station
3. Plan your ceremony closer to sun set

Link to the full article:
Summer Wedding Tips

Super cute and such a great price!
Just Artifacts



Ceremony Location Advice

Ok you have a guest list and a budget, so now to get down to the business of finding a location and finalizing a date.

There are so many options. So lets break it down.

Ceremony at a Church vs Ceremony at Reception Location

Church- depending on your religion there can be rules around when and what time of day the ceremony can be held. Most of the information can be found on the churches website.

If you want to have your wedding in a church but are new to the area, then research the ones that are available in the area of town that you are targeting. If you are not a parishioner there maybe additional rules or the church may have rules around non-parishioners not being permitted to host a wedding. This is a great area that a wedding planner would be able to help expiate the time spent looking for a church. Wedding planners work at a varied of venues and more than likely already know the answers to these questions or have the contacts to get them answered quickly.

Ceremony in a location other than a church, well the options are quiet endless. Typically if the ceremony is not going to be held in a church then it will occur at the same location as the reception.

I love this option just outside Austin, it gives you the beauty of the views of Lake Travis with floor to ceiling window, but no worries of the weather elements.

Lakeway Resort and Spa:–and–galleries