Fall Wedding Freak out…

How many times have you been witness to a bride that is now less than 60 days out from the wedding?? and the bride is now officially in total freak out mode. She is not listing to reason, she is supper emotional, there is family drama, oh and to make matters worse she is now considering changing her dress.

How do you help your friend?? TELL her is it is not too late, she needs professional help. The last 30-60 days before a wedding are CRUNCH time. A day of coordinator is well worth the sanity that they bring. In less than 3 hours time a professional planner can take the hot mess that your friend has created and create a plan and help pull together her vision. The time alone that a planner will save is worth its weight in gold.


Dino Party

One of Pear Tree’s own turned 5 last week! We celebrated in true Dino style. The kids enjoyed the stegosaurus tracks to meet the 4′ tall T-Rex, bouncing in the tropical bounce house with a giant water slide and for the paleontologists in the group we converted the sand box into an excavation site with Dino skeletons buried in the sand.

For the hungry guests there were Dino bites (mini burgers), Dino eggs (several favors of melon shaped into eggs using a melon baller), Bones (hot dogs) and swamp water (lemonade).

As our thank you for joining us the kids took home a 3D Dino puzzle, great indoor summer activity for the kids. We found them at our local Harbor Freight then wrapped them in brown paper and twine for ribbon. Find the Dino puzzles here http://www.harborfreight.com/balsa-wood-dinosaur-puzzle-t-rex-39655.html

If you are in the Austin or San Antonio areas and looking for an inflatable, that are clean and professional, check out http://www.amanzipartyrentals.com/