Venue Shopping

Venue shopping can be so fun but at the same time be so very frustrating. So many options, date conflicts, some offer so much, some offer so little, and everyone of them has a different way of pricing.

So here are some tips:

  1. Only look at venues that fit into your budget!
    • You don’t want to fall in love with a place that will not afford you to actually feed your guests.
  2. Pick 5 venues that have your dates you are looking at
    • When looking at dates you may want to consider the following…
      • ¬†Immediate family and wedding party birthdays.
      • Is a holiday something you want to consider.
      • What other major events are happening in the city that you are planning your wedding that could impact your day, especially if you ¬†have a large number of out of town guests.
  3. Try to look at all the venues within 3 days.
    • This will keep everything fresh in your mind
  4. Remember to trust your gut!
    • If you one of your goals is for your guests to experience the city then don’t go see venues that are located so far outside the city that you are no longer in the city you wanted everyone to experience.
    • Or go look at them and it will help you confirm your decision
  5. It is equally important to cross venues off the list. Try to tour one of your favorite venues first and use that as the mark of comparison.
  6. Narrow it down to 2 and do a PRO/CON list for each and try to really drill down on a cost comparison.
  7. MAKE A decision!

Beat the Heat… Summer Wedding in Texas

It will be HOT soon! And people keep getting married in the summer in Texas, Texans don’t stop for the heat. We are here to give you tip while you are planning to stay COOL!

The folks over at Off Beat Bride have some good ideas.
1. Shade
2. Hydration Station
3. Plan your ceremony closer to sun set

Link to the full article:
Summer Wedding Tips

Super cute and such a great price!
Just Artifacts


Jason + Brandi

Eat, Drink and Be Married…

Wow, what an amazing group of people! This wedding really showed the personal side of the Bride and Groom. From their extra special attendant with her custom collar (there dog Haliey) to the yard games.

The bridesmaids all had unique black dresses and mint green Kendra Scott jewels! The groom ament with their Tommy Hilfigure sneakers.

This group had 2 missions

1. Celebrate the union of 2 great friends
2. Have fun while doing it!

We are excited to see how Dustin and Fred with captured this truly special day.

The Cake was exactly what the Brandi asked for thanks to Michelle’s Patisserie
The milk and cookies were a hit for a late night treat!

The ceremony and reception were topped off by the music talents of Mark with Tunes Across Texas

OMG Becky with Bouquets of Austin and her team truly out did the expectations

We hope to be back to the Vineyard at Florence again as the setting, wine and staff were amazing!







Party truck!

We had a new client meeting tonight, the bride is exploring food tucks as a catering option. The venue that has been secured is perfect and I almost jumped out of my seat. I love this idea!!! It’s fun, interactive and give the guest options from food. There is a great resource to help locate and contract food trucks!

Get started with this how it works guide:

Jenni + Sean = Awesome Celebration

We had the awesome opportunity to work with a great couple recently. They really grabbed on the concept of making their traditional wedding reflect their personalities and family traditions.


For more pictures visit Doberenz Photography

Thanks to all great local Wedding vendors that really brought this wedding to life.
Ceremony, St. Mary’s Cathedral; Reception, Hilton Austin; Band, Spazmatics; Florist, Bouquets of Austin; Wedding Cake, Sweet Treets Bakery; Trolly, Carey Limousine; Photography, Doberenz Photography