Why hire a wedding planner?

Such a great question, I am a planner in every sense of the word that is just how my brain works. But it has become painfully obvious that not all people are equipped with an ability to plan things. I am not just talking about weddings, plan how they are going to pack a car or the OCD I experience when writing the grocery list for my husband (I write the list in the order that he will encounter the times in the store).

You take a normal person with a normal job like a Lawyer, Teacher, Doctor, Graphic Designer, Author, Marketing executive, you get the idea anyone and they have found the person they want to spend the rest of their life. And of course you want to celebrate with a WEDDING. So now you are planning a wedding. Can you do it sure you can? You can do anything you put your mind to.

The real question is… how much time do you have to dedicate to researching and planning a wedding?
– How many times do you want to call the florist with questions?
– Do you know how far in advance you need to send out invitations?
– Do you know what the logistical implications are for making the following decision – having a wedding at a unique wedding with an offsite caterer (who oh by the way does not provide wait staff, but you have already contracted them) with a seated dinner?
– If you do not know the right questions to ask and what you need to plan for in order to make this a stress free evening and a night your guests will remember?

Don’t take my word for it there are lots of places out there that talk about the value a planner can bring to your wedding.

Below are some links:




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