Engagement Picture Ideas – Austin

My over all feeling on engagement pictures are they are a great way to eternalize in print a life moment, your engagement. I am a fan of pictures that tell a story or show the personality.

On of our clients recently asked me if I had any pointers for engagement pictures. I have my opinion ;). First, I would ask your photographer as they have an option as well. Then there is my opinion.

Over all this is where I would start:
I would say you want a two to three of different outfits. One that is more casual and the other that is nicer (fancy). I would stay away from loud colored bottom (ie, no hot pink pants, if the everything else neutral). If you one of you has a pop of color that is where your eye is drawn in the picture. But you do not need to be too matching 🙂 Just make sure you are both comfortable.

Then there is location, the Photographer should have suggestions. I always like the ones that bring some element of the 2 of you, like if you meet on UT campus to take some pictures there or you both really like to hang out in Zilker park maybe so cool pics on one of the bridges that over look the water.

Another thing that is helpful, if you have a vision of what you are looking for if you provide a couple of examples of what you like then the photographer that you are working will have a better idea of what you are looking for in your pictures. At the same time photographers are artists so you want to be sure not to curb there creativity too much so only a few ideas not a book would be good.



For more awesome engagement sessions check out Dustin Meyer Photography: http://dustinmeyer.com/category/austin-engagement-portraits-2/


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