Bridesmaids Dresses!

Wow, that is a topic. Everyone in your wedding party will have any opinion as to what bridesmaid dress you should pick.

We will start with traditional – all the same color, all the same style.
– my only beef with this view point is how many of you sisters/cousins/girlfriends look good in the same style of dress non less the same color.


Next we have the twist on traditional – where you have all the same color and the. Same length skirt but the top portion of the dress is different, one, might be strapless or halter or one shoulder.


Then there are more modern options of either everyone selects a dress from a certain color or color family. My suggestion if you are going this route is to either pick a color that is easy to find like black or pick a color family.

What we are seeing trend now is the mix matched bridesmaids, which by the way I am LOVING, there are however tips and tricks to making the complete look!
Check out theses “rules” check out some advise from our friends at Belle the Magazine



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