Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Time to decide on wedding party. Do you have a Best man and a Maid of Honor? Or do you invite the world to stand next to you at your wedding. Most people fall somewhere in between.

Well there is no right or wrong answer, you should do what you feel is right for you.

Things to consider:
Both the bride and groom should make a list then decide how many you each want.
Other things that can become factors:
– Size of the location of the ceremony. If you are getting married in a tiny Chapel built in 1909 then it may not be conducive to having 20 people standing at the front.
– If you have a friend that will be very pregnant or just had a baby just may want to be cautious of asking her to stand up in front of everyone.
– If you have a long list, but decide that you want a smaller wedding party the day of the wedding there is noting stopping you from still inviting everyone to participate in all the festivities leading up to your big day.
– Most people are really ok with just being invited!


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