Why hire a wedding planner?

Such a great question, I am a planner in every sense of the word that is just how my brain works. But it has become painfully obvious that not all people are equipped with an ability to plan things. I am not just talking about weddings, plan how they are going to pack a car or the OCD I experience when writing the grocery list for my husband (I write the list in the order that he will encounter the times in the store).

You take a normal person with a normal job like a Lawyer, Teacher, Doctor, Graphic Designer, Author, Marketing executive, you get the idea anyone and they have found the person they want to spend the rest of their life. And of course you want to celebrate with a WEDDING. So now you are planning a wedding. Can you do it sure you can? You can do anything you put your mind to.

The real question is… how much time do you have to dedicate to researching and planning a wedding?
– How many times do you want to call the florist with questions?
– Do you know how far in advance you need to send out invitations?
– Do you know what the logistical implications are for making the following decision – having a wedding at a unique wedding with an offsite caterer (who oh by the way does not provide wait staff, but you have already contracted them) with a seated dinner?
– If you do not know the right questions to ask and what you need to plan for in order to make this a stress free evening and a night your guests will remember?

Don’t take my word for it there are lots of places out there that talk about the value a planner can bring to your wedding.

Below are some links:





Engagement Picture Ideas – Austin

My over all feeling on engagement pictures are they are a great way to eternalize in print a life moment, your engagement. I am a fan of pictures that tell a story or show the personality.

On of our clients recently asked me if I had any pointers for engagement pictures. I have my opinion ;). First, I would ask your photographer as they have an option as well. Then there is my opinion.

Over all this is where I would start:
I would say you want a two to three of different outfits. One that is more casual and the other that is nicer (fancy). I would stay away from loud colored bottom (ie, no hot pink pants, if the everything else neutral). If you one of you has a pop of color that is where your eye is drawn in the picture. But you do not need to be too matching 🙂 Just make sure you are both comfortable.

Then there is location, the Photographer should have suggestions. I always like the ones that bring some element of the 2 of you, like if you meet on UT campus to take some pictures there or you both really like to hang out in Zilker park maybe so cool pics on one of the bridges that over look the water.

Another thing that is helpful, if you have a vision of what you are looking for if you provide a couple of examples of what you like then the photographer that you are working will have a better idea of what you are looking for in your pictures. At the same time photographers are artists so you want to be sure not to curb there creativity too much so only a few ideas not a book would be good.



For more awesome engagement sessions check out Dustin Meyer Photography: http://dustinmeyer.com/category/austin-engagement-portraits-2/

Bridesmaids Dresses!

Wow, that is a topic. Everyone in your wedding party will have any opinion as to what bridesmaid dress you should pick.

We will start with traditional – all the same color, all the same style.
– my only beef with this view point is how many of you sisters/cousins/girlfriends look good in the same style of dress non less the same color.


Next we have the twist on traditional – where you have all the same color and the. Same length skirt but the top portion of the dress is different, one, might be strapless or halter or one shoulder.


Then there are more modern options of either everyone selects a dress from a certain color or color family. My suggestion if you are going this route is to either pick a color that is easy to find like black or pick a color family.

What we are seeing trend now is the mix matched bridesmaids, which by the way I am LOVING, there are however tips and tricks to making the complete look!
Check out theses “rules” check out some advise from our friends at Belle the Magazine


Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Time to decide on wedding party. Do you have a Best man and a Maid of Honor? Or do you invite the world to stand next to you at your wedding. Most people fall somewhere in between.

Well there is no right or wrong answer, you should do what you feel is right for you.

Things to consider:
Both the bride and groom should make a list then decide how many you each want.
Other things that can become factors:
– Size of the location of the ceremony. If you are getting married in a tiny Chapel built in 1909 then it may not be conducive to having 20 people standing at the front.
– If you have a friend that will be very pregnant or just had a baby just may want to be cautious of asking her to stand up in front of everyone.
– If you have a long list, but decide that you want a smaller wedding party the day of the wedding there is noting stopping you from still inviting everyone to participate in all the festivities leading up to your big day.
– Most people are really ok with just being invited!

Dino Party

One of Pear Tree’s own turned 5 last week! We celebrated in true Dino style. The kids enjoyed the stegosaurus tracks to meet the 4′ tall T-Rex, bouncing in the tropical bounce house with a giant water slide and for the paleontologists in the group we converted the sand box into an excavation site with Dino skeletons buried in the sand.

For the hungry guests there were Dino bites (mini burgers), Dino eggs (several favors of melon shaped into eggs using a melon baller), Bones (hot dogs) and swamp water (lemonade).

As our thank you for joining us the kids took home a 3D Dino puzzle, great indoor summer activity for the kids. We found them at our local Harbor Freight then wrapped them in brown paper and twine for ribbon. Find the Dino puzzles here http://www.harborfreight.com/balsa-wood-dinosaur-puzzle-t-rex-39655.html

If you are in the Austin or San Antonio areas and looking for an inflatable, that are clean and professional, check out http://www.amanzipartyrentals.com/


Picking a date!

Picking a date for your wedding seems easy enough, right? Here are some helpful tips when considering a date for your event.

1. Pick a season – example – you want a spring wedding.

2. Check with the church (if you are using one), some denominations do not preform ceremonies certain weeks or times of the year.

3. Check birthdays of members of the wedding party. Although you may think it is a good way to remember your future mother in law’s birthday, if it is the same day as your anniversary, trust me she will not think it’s “cute”.

4. Do a little detective work to see what else is going on in the city the same day/ weekend. If there is high demand in the city for an annual festival, air fare and hotel rate will be elevated.
– on the other hand if you are NOT expecting any out of town guests then this could be an opportunity to be able to negotiate with the venue as they are typically slower for the above reason.

5. This one may be TMI, but here it goes, you may want to stay away from the week that Aunt Flow comes to visit as who wants that for their honeymoon 😉

6. As a curtsy check with your wedding party to make sure they do not have a prior commitment for the narrowed down dates.

7. It’s always good to have a few options when talking to venues as they already have events booked 12-18 months in advance.

8. If you are really set on certain date let the venue know when you call to set up an appointment to tour the venue. You really do not want to waste your time if they are not available.